Should choose classic guitar or acoustic guitar for beginners?

The selection of classic guitar or acoustic guitar is not dependent on whether you are a beginner, but the crux of the matter is the purpose of your guitar playing will determine how you choosing. You determine will play classical music or accompaniment play?
The classical guitar used to play classical music, music without words, sounds very smooth, warm bass.

classical-guitarStill play classical guitar music accompaniment. Men absolutely classic can be used to buffer you sing, such as the song’s deep vintage, gently hear very well and good.
The acoustic guitar has resonated so mainly used to sing or play fingerstyle cushions. It can also be used to play classical music, but the sound can not be as good as when you play the classic.
Another feature may make you decide to start classic or acoustic guitar is the texture of the board. Classic guitar fretboard usually louder acoustic guitar and it is fitted with nylon rope wire spacing usually a bit wider so you pretty comfortable when training and less painful than the acoustic guitar because acoustic guitar used steel string with small neck. But if your goal is music accompaniment, you try to add a little tolerate being able to play the acoustic guitar sound with resonant, and lively bar.

Increased attractiveness through guitar

Women tend to be attracted by the man carrying a guitar, according to Daily Mail led a study in France. That survey results from 300 women, aged 18 to 22 by Professor Nicolas GUEGUEN and colleagues at the University of South Brittany (France) performed.

The research team observed “an organized drama” of a 20-year-old boy to “flirt” the girl at a mall. This guy will compliment her “too beautiful” and sought to ask her phone number.

Young man carrying guitar over his shoulder

In the first 100 women, boys carry a sports bag. When exposed to 100 women followed, he brought a guitar. And in the women’s 100 final, the young man could not hold anything in your hands.

A guy carrying a guitar, 31% of women gave a telephone number to contact. When not holding anything in his hand, 14% of women give a phone number. Sadly, when the guys carry a sports bag, only 9% of women had been flirting.

Guidelines distinguish classic guitars and acoustic guitars

How to distinguish between classic and acoustic guitar, this is probably the question pretty much with what you’re wanting to learn guitar or passionate about the guitar. Today I will guide you to select and differentiate Classic Guitar and Acoustic Guitar

Music line

They say many acoustic guitars used in improvisational for example playing solo guitar. Whereas the classical guitar is used more to play classical music. However, that conception is no longer accurate. With a suitable guitar, you can play most of the music that you like.

Speaking in an understandable way, the acoustic guitar is usually used much in the young music, the classical guitar also inclined to the genre “more academic”, like Jazz, Folk, Spain music. On guitar sound, many people say the acoustic guitar sound louder, stronger than classical.

acoustic-guitar-overview-classical-guitar-mobile (1)
Acoustic Guitar

The first thing I want to say is: decide on your guitar depends on the purpose of the play as well as your own preferences.

– Do you like the sound of Acoustic Guitar or Classic Guitar?

– Do you like classical music or not?

– Do you like to play solo?

– Do You tend to enjoy playing what music line? …

Classic guitar used to play classical music, music without words, sounds very smooth, warm bass.

Acoustic guitar used to accompany singing, the resonant sound often, when they listen to the chord played very well and wine.

There are many ways you can distinguish two kinds of boards. Differentiation of the most obvious is through strings.

Classic GuitarThe classic guitar uses nylon cord. Classic guitar is structured with 3 wires bottom: Sol, Si, Mi is a plastic cord. Three wire remaining outside use the metal roll, but the core remains the nylon fibers. Although it makes from the metal, it still very soft strings and bass, smooth, suitable for classical music.

Classic guitar fretboard will cut into 2 grooves perforation, and wound strings classic parts is usually a heavy plastic horizontal axis.

Acoustic Guitar often uses metal wire.

Type wire brings sound herd wine matching accompanied singing and hit song chords. Acoustic guitar strings are wound on small iron core axis of the neck is upright.

Also, you can distinguish two kinds of guitar on through the following features, but the way to help you distinguish more surely than by many as characteristics of this board are also on type the other herd, so to ensure the right choice, you should incorporate ways:

– Based on the fretboard: Classic Guitar often Acoustic Guitar 12 frets also often have 14 frets.

– Based on the guitar: Guitar Classic usually louder Acoustic Guitar fretboard.

– Based on the soundboard: Classic Guitar often have another round soundboard with Acoustic Guitar soundboard usually alternates.


To distinguish above is Acoustic or Classic, the first, you look to the strings, then watch carefully considered the head neck and big lock above horizontal, or vertical iron shaft.

Then take a look to the frets, the neck width, shape soundboard and compare with other guitars.

Hopefully, this article can help you get a more accurate choice when deciding to buy two kinds of boards.